Welcome from the Head of School

Jayasri Ghosh Photo


Welcome to Bright Water Waldorf School.

I think you’ll find it a special place where all of us – teachers, students, parents, and staff – are committed to Waldorf education. Our Waldorf curriculum is exemplified by play-based learning in the early childhood program; intentional, widespread collaboration among teachers; the recognition and support of every child’s emerging self; hands-on learning that integrates movement, music, art, handwork, woodwork, math, science, and language arts; regular exposure to and activities within nature.

Living out this curriculum necessitates a team of dedicated teachers who meet the needs of each child. The main class teacher – and a core of subject teachers – often guide the same students for several years. These long-term connections encourage a nuanced understanding of every child, and that, in turn, results in deep bonds between student and mentor.

These intentional teacher-student bonds contribute to our mission to educate children to become humane participants in the world. Knowing and valuing each individual is vital. In the early grades, students connect with diverse cultures through stories. These narratives explore the common humanity shared across geography and epoch. Food  and coat drives are one example of how young students transform stories and inner reflections into action within the community. Every year the second grade experiences the story of St. Martin – he cut his cloak off to help clothe a freezing, homeless man – and this in turn leads to a drive for warm winter coats.

Our middle school students deepen their commitment, immersing themselves in the work of new communities with service learning projects. This development of compassion through relationships, stories, and service is  striking. BWS graduates embody the fulfillment of this journey. They possess confidence, maturity, and authenticity, and their capacity for excelling in many academic contexts arises out of their deep sense of humanity. This compassionate grounding in our common humanity is what distinguishes a BWWS graduate.

And those of us who teach also learn. When I turn my gaze toward our school community I am met with integrity, leadership, and strength. I see and take part in events that are constructed with purpose. Festivals such as Michaelmas, Sugar Plum Faire, and May Faire reflect and encourage student engagement with the community. Echoing the seasonal rhythms of fall, winter, and spring, Bright Water School’s festival life nourishes the community’s sense of togetherness.

This powerful sense of camaraderie captivates me. During my time in education, I have served at several independent schools as a Head of School. I can tell you with candor and enthusiasm that Bright Water Waldorf School’s community is truly committed to its mission. Partnerships between teachers and parents, parents and administration, and teachers and staff are strong. This shared embrace of our school reverberates through the halls.

I urge you to explore our website – I hope it leaves you informed, inspired, and wanting to know more. I encourage you to contact our Admissions Department and visit our campus in the beautiful St. Nicholas Building to observe the lively, imaginative learning happening here every day.

Jayasri Ghosh, PhD
Head of School

“Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives. The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility—these three forces are the very nerve of education.” – Rudolf Steiner (Founder of Waldorf education)