Grade Five

Fifth grade is a time of relative balance between childhood and adolescence, between the inner feeling world and the emerging world of intellectual objectivity. The curriculum of the fifth grade mirrors this balance by beginning with the creation myths of ancient Persia, Mesopotamia, and Egypt and culminating in the study of ancient Greece. Students train all year for the pentathlon, a classic Olympiad competition held at the end of the year with other Waldorf schools.

In math, students continue their work in fractions and begin decimals.  They begin woodwork and become accomplished knitters by knitting socks or hand-warmers. In music they begin to play violin and cello in small ensembles.

In botany, students begin by observing and drawing the plants in Volunteer Park’s conservatory, and expand upon their study and observation skills with field trips to surrounding parks, gardens, and nature conservatories.

Subject Classes

  • Japanese and Spanish
  • Handwork
  • Movement
  • String ensembles
  • Woodwork
  • Eurythmy

“As any accomplished knitter will tell you, ten and eleven year olds who can create three dimensions with needles, yarn, and their hands have an enviable familiarity with math and design.”  Christine Peterson, teacher, writer, and knitter