“When trees shed their leaves and blossoms ripen into fruit, and nature sends us her first frost and prepares to sink into her winter death, we [will] be able to feel the burgeoning of spirit with which we should unite ourselves at Michaelmas.” Rudolf Steiner*

Michaelmas is an Autumn festival celebrating the inner strength of the human soul. In nature it presages a time of retreat and sleep; but within ourselves it marks a kindling of an inner flame that will keep us warm and thriving throughout the winter months. Our senses, previously drawn outward by nature’s bounty in Spring and Summer, now turn their attention inwards. We become aware of our own inner energies, of the strength of spirit, of Michael, and of the courage residing at the core of our being. This is the power with which we vanquish the Dragon—our fears and struggles and feelings of disconnection from the things most important to us. Thus, the gift of Michaelmas is a reconnection with the strength and courage we hold within ourselves, and a reminder that through rising to the challenges that face us we find freedom and growth.

Our Michaelmas festival brings us together to celebrate this time with a series of fun challenges marking the transition of the season. Come join us for the Spiral Apple Challenge, the Dragon Cave Challenge, the Slay the Dragon Challenge (of course!) and many more. As Steiner said, “It is possible to experience this Autumn season just as intensely as we experience Spring.”**  Let’s embrace this challenge—and any others that will face us in the winter months ahead—together, and with strong and joyful hearts.

For more about Michaelmas, see: Michaelmas: What’s Behind this Festival? by Skye Chamberlain

Michaelmas 2018: Friday, September 28, 2018, starting at 3:30. Click for activities, responsibilities & recipes.

Challenge Grade 1 – Dragon Cave 2018

Challenge Grade 2 – Apple in Straw, Food Service 2018

Challenge Grade 3 – Sawing 2018

Challenge Grade 4 – Press Apple Cider 2018

Challenge Grade 5 – Arm Wrestling, Apple Spirals 2018

Challenge Grade 6 – Slay the dragon challenge & bread 2018

Challenge Grade 7 – Food Service and Pillow Boffing 2018

Challenge Grade 8 – Steel Strike 2018

Michaelmas Soup Recipes 2018


* “Michael, the Dragon, and the Human Soul or Gemut.” Vienna, September 27, 1923

** “The Festivals and their Meaning.” Berlin, May 23, 1923