As middle school is a time for exploring new interests and deepening learning, Bright Water Waldorf School offers a series of extracurricular activities for our students that engage them socially, academically, and physically through the athletics program.

After School Activities

Our after school clubs empower our students to challenge themselves both academically and creatively. Yearbook Club/Literary Arts Magazine provides an opportunity for students to own a number of equally critical roles for the team: photographer; page designer; editor. This yearlong collaboration allows the unique attributes of each class – and Bright Water Waldorf School as a whole – to be celebrated in print. Our daily Homework Club establishes a reliable hub for students to receive additional support from teachers while giving them a quiet, concentrated environment to continue learning.


In the middle grades, student options also expand to include competitive sports. Bright Water Waldorf School’s athletic department offerings include Ultimate Frisbee in the fall and spring, Cross CountryBasketballVolleyball and the navigational sport of Orienteering. BWWS competes through the CYO league for Cross Country, Volleyball, and Basketball. Ultimate Frisbee is organized through Disc NW. Meets for BWWS Orienteering are held by Cascades Orienteering Club.

BWWS athletes consistently maintain Waldorf principles on the field: physical, social, and emotional development are still the most important objectives. There are no cuts. Our student athletes develop their individual skills while simultaneously cultivating an awareness and respect for the “spirit of the game.” Sportsmanship, teamwork, and fairness are important values we instill through our athletics program.