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Thank you to all who helped make Rising as One a success! 

Together we raised over $100,000.00!

Keep reading for a message from Darla Cardwell, Kim Gonzalez and The Rising as One Team.
The room was already buzzing with early birds when the doors to Orfeo officially opened Friday night at 5:30PM. The sweet jazzy sounds from musicians Adriana Giordano and Marco de Carvalh tingled in our souls. Guests made their way to the bar for Aviation cocktails – a first invitation to Rise as One. Thanks to the Davis family no one left the party hungry, as beautiful trays of appetizers were passed throughout the room while garlic-infused mussels, perky oysters on the half-shell, and perfectly crisped eggplant fries lined the bar.
A well-curated array of specially procured items from the classes decorated the space, and guests had the opportunity to see up close and personal a treasure box created specifically for Bright Water by renowned Seattle wood worker, Joel Shepard. Skye Chamberlain was winner of the door prize: a night’s getaway at the Fairmont Hotel. Saundra Hinsley battled it out with the room for a clear win in the Heads and Tails portion of the evening. She and three guests will enjoy dinner at opening night of Terresa and Kevin’s new Restaurant, Zane & Wylie’s Seattle Steakhouse, coming this summer.
Dr. Jayasri Ghosh welcomed and acknowledged the hearts and work of our faculty and retired board president, Jody Pineda, for her service. Sam Blackman got personal, Bryan McGriff served up some baseball, and Mary DeJong both grounded and lifted us to the realms of Gandalf and beyond. A movie moment created by parents reminded us why we do this fundraiser. 
The Live Auction, led by our spritely auctioneer Kevin Joyce, was raucous at times and subdued at others (Pig head anyone?! Anyone?! Yes it sold!). In the end we Raised our Paddles to the future we are creating for our current students and for those who have yet to walk through the doors. We made a dash to the desserts so generously given by the community and called it a night over another round at the bar.
Whether you participated in the online auction, attended the event, donated your time and resources as a volunteer, or acted as an ambassador for Bright Water by simply sharing what we’re up to: Thank you for your generosity, spirit, and help to make this Night Out one to remember!

*As we wrap this event on the backend please note that we’ll soon run credit cards and send out winning certificates for all auction items–including those won online–likely next week. We’ll also be arranging pickup & delivery for any tangible items such as class baskets! Thank you!  

**Didn’t attend the event and would still like to show your support?**  Donate Here



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The Spring Gala & Auction is officially Sold Out! Thank you to all who bought tickets or made a contribution to support our faculty and staff to attend the event free of charge. If you haven’t yet had the chance to participate in the online auction you have up until 6:00PM on Thursday. Tip: Search Package # in the 200’s! These are all those community parties that have a set price, # of tickets available and known party date that you and your friends/relatives can put in calendars: Birding and Picnicking, Knitting Classes, Cooking Classes, Paella Parties, African Drumming & Dance, Board Cocktail Party and the like. The Mother/Daughter Tea Party has two slots left!! 

Bright Water Gala & Auction!

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Tickets are ON SALE NOW for the epic BWWS Gala & Auction!

We invite you to join us on Friday, March 23rd, for our annual Spring Gala and Auction. Funds raised on this evening go in part to the 2018-2019 Tuition Assistance Program and the Faculty Professional Development Program. Rising As One, we will be the change we seek in our community and the world!

Rising as One

Friday Night, March 23, 2018
Orfeo Restaurant

Click here to Get Tickets and find out more!

A fun Night Out for you a GREAT Night Out for the school.

The Eighth Grade Visits the State Capitol

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On Wednesday, February 14, the Eighth Grade joined other area Waldorf schools on a visit to the state capitol, where they had the chance to meet with Governor Jay Inslee and his wife Trudy.  According to Eight Grade teacher, Cindy Jordan: “Students asked questions about the future of Puget Sound and the effects of federal cutbacks and had the chance to ask how the governor works with the president when they do not agree on issues or decisions.  The students sat in on sessions in the House and then the Senate, watching Lieutenant Governor Habib in action.  The day culminated with role playing in the Washington Supreme Court.”

Fifth Grade Play: The Odyssey

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The Fifth Grade produced a gripping rendition of The Odyssey, complete with sirens, a cyclops, epic battles and more. Thank you (and applause) to  the students and their Director/Teacher, Beth Simpson!

You can see more images from the play on the BWWS Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Many thanks to BWWS parent Sam Blackman for sharing his photos of the event!

The Gala Gazette!

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The latest edition of The Gala Gazette is out, and it contains more details about the event as well as reflections by BWWS parents on their experiences at our school. Check out all the issues here!

Outreach, Diversity, and Cultural Competency at Bright Water

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As Bright Water Waldorf School engages in a self-study process we are invited to explore the many elements that make up our school, including the pedagogy, administration, and our social lives in the BWWS community and beyond.

Prior to the beginning of the 2017/2018 school year, many faculty members, administrators, board members, and parents came together to reform and renew the Diversity and Inclusion Committee at Bright Water. Our common wish is for our school population to reflect the rich demographics of our city. We’d also like to create a space for free, safe and open conversations regarding outreach, inclusion and diversity of all types. Most importantly, we’d like to empower all of us to be allies for each other—our friends, our neighbors, and our children. Realizing this vision will take active participation, risk, and a commitment to educate ourselves every day. Our effort will be ever-evolving if we wish to truly live and sustain this vision in our community.

To read more, click here.


Annual Bright Water Waldorf School Board Meeting

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Each year the Board of Trustees holds a special meeting inviting parent to engage in a dialogue about BWWS. This year’s meeting is Monday, January 29th, and we truly welcome your participation. To ensure as many of you as possible can make it, the board will be holding two meetings: one at 8:30 AM and one at 6:30 PM, both in the Science Lab.

Please join us!

Sixth Grade Roman History Studies

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Our Sixth Graders have been studying the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Whereas our first thoughts about the Greeks—studied in Fifth Grade—often involve the imaginative stories of their gods, Roman history seems marked by an air of pragmatism and conquest of the physical world. The creations of the Sixth Grade convey this brilliantly. Their projects cover aqueducts, military battles and inventive weaponry, siege towers and distinctive architecture. In many ways, Sixth Graders have themselves attained an age and perspective where they, too, have a growing sense of their own capacity to engage with the world in a more pragmatic and action-oriented way.

Fifth Grade Doves in Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

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In the words of Fifth Grade teacher, Beth Simpson: “Symbols of Peace: The dove and olive branch as symbols of peace find their origins in Ancient Greece. Their symbolism has continued throughout history, including representing the peace and liberty for all people that Martin Luther King, Jr. championed. A mural of M.L.K. Jr. (“Prince of Peace”) in the Liberty City neighborhood of Miami, Florida, includes a dove holding an olive branch. The fifth grade commemorates the life, love and work of Martin Luther King, Jr. with these creations of the dove and olive branch.”

In addition, the fifth grade created doves in clay doves, some images of which are also below.