Bright Water Spring Gala 2017: A Message from Dr. Ghosh

Dear Parents,

Our 3rd Spring Gala was a victory—a wonderful expression of  love of our community and our children. We raised the money we needed to support our students and teachers, but most importantly we came together in joy and celebration.

Each of you was asked to contribute, and you did: the Gala offered a wide range of items to suit everyone, including work from our own students. If you bid on the experiences, this gives you yet another chance to join BWWS friends in a special social activity later this spring and summer.

My gratitude is the theme of this letter to each and every one of you who gave so generously of your time and resources to make the Gala come together with so much class and beauty. A special thank you to Susie Hillman, who has led the Gala for the past three years, and to Darla Cardwell who agreed to assume the mantle of leadership along with
Susie. This was done with such a positive and fun spirit that we all felt included.


We are pleased to announce that we have raised over $120,000 and counting. The proceeds from the Gala make so much possible. They enable us to welcome new students to our community and ensure that others can continue their Bright Water journey. The funding also allows our teachers and staff to participate in Professional Development programs and take part in networking activities that allow them to invite multiple perspectives into their important work.

Holly Mullaly’s speech and Zoe Ryan’s words were uplifting and still live with us. Thank you also to our teachers and volunteers who created the wonderful classroom projects which stole our hearts.



Jayasri Ghosh, PhD
Head of School