Bright Water Waldorf School Alumni

Where are they now?

Bright Water Waldorf School’s first Eighth Grade graduated in 2007. Graduates have gone on to many local public and private high schools, and beyond this to colleges across the country. High schools include: Northwest School, Franklin High School, Seattle Waldorf High School, Holy Names Academy, Lakeside School, Nathan Hale High School, Roosevelt High School, Garfield High School, the Center School and others. Colleges include Haverford College, the University of Washington, Seattle Central, Western Washington and others.

For a broader overview of where Waldorf graduates go for higher education, the following link will take you to “Standing Out without Standing Alone, A Profile of Waldorf School Graduates” by Douglas Gerwin and David Mitchell, Co-Directors of the Research Institute for Waldorf Education. In brief, at the time they undertook their study (2007) they found that “an impressive majority of Waldorf school graduates pursue and complete degrees in higher education. 94% percent of the graduates taking part in this survey reported having attended college and 88% reported having completed or being in the process of completing a college or university level degree at the time of the survey.” The study also explores the various academic disciplines Waldorf graduates pursue as well as the colleges and universities at which they pursue them.