Bright Water Waldorf School Alumni

Where are they now?

Bright Water Waldorf School’s first Eighth Grade graduated in 2007. Graduates have gone on to many local public and private high schools, and beyond this to colleges across the country. Below we offer a small selection of some of our alumni. Check back as we continue to reach out to alumni and add to our list, and please feel free to contact us with additional questions.

For a broader overview of where Waldorf graduates go for higher education, the following link will take you to “Standing Out without Standing Alone, A Profile of Waldorf School Graduates” by Douglas Gerwin and David Mitchell, Co-Directors of the Research Institute for Waldorf Education. In brief, at the time they undertook their study (2007) they found that “an impressive majority of Waldorf school graduates pursue and complete degrees in higher education. 94% percent of the graduates taking part in this survey reported having attended college and 88% reported having completed or being in the process of completing a college or university level degree at the time of the survey.” The study also explores the various academic disciplines Waldorf graduates pursue as well as the colleges and universities at which they pursue them.

John Curry: A 2007 BWWS graduate, as part of the lead class, John is currently seeking his J.D. at the University of Washington. He attended the Northwest School after graduating from Bright Water, and proceeded to get his B.S. in Chemistry at Haverford College. John enjoys long distance running, professional sports, and living in the great city of Seattle.

Skyler Burke: Skyler attended BWWS from pre-k until 8th grade. He graduated in 2008 (Carol Street). He attended the Northwest School on a significant merit scholarship based on the work he did at BWWS. Recently, he took a position in nursing administration with Swedish Hospital assisting the acute care team with various quality-of-care initiatives. Skyler is pursuing entry into medical school.

Owen Crandall: Owen graduated in 2012 and attended Franklin High School, where he participated in track, cross country, and theatre. After participating in the Running Start Program at Seattle Central College, he started as a freshman at UW in 2016. He is currently studying English and chemistry.

Tori Pascual: Tori graduated Bright Water in 2010 and attended Northwest High School. After graduating in 2014, he moved  to Bellingham, WA, for college. This past fall, he attended EMT school and is now a nationally certified EMT. In Tori’s words: “I am confident in saying that my teachers at Bright Water helped foster my need to serve my community, and I am forever thankful for that.”

Louise Greer: Louise attended BWWS and graduated in 2014. She is currently a senior at Seattle Waldorf High School. 

Charlotte Thone: Charlotte graduated in 2014 is currently a senior at Seattle Waldorf High School. 

Lyra D’Souza: Lyra graduated from BWWS in 2015 and is currently a junior at Holy Names Academy. She attended BWWS from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Outside of school she enjoys playing the violin, drawing, and competing in Ultimate Frisbee. 

Miranda Wu-Georges: Miranda attended BWWS from pre-school through 8th grade. She graduated in 2015 from Beth Simpson’s class.  She currently attends Seattle Academy (SAAS), where she is a junior. She rows on the Pocock Rowing Center’s Junior Team.  In addition, she plays the cello, and still occasionally volunteers at the University District Food Bank, where she had previously done her 8th grade project.

Alli Nelson: Alli attended BWWS and graduated in 2016 with Ms. Kerr as her teacher. She currently attends Nathan Hale High School where she is a sophomore.  While at BWWS she enjoyed singing and now is in her second year of Vocal Jazz.  She was also part of her school production of The Odyssey this year.

Sasha Nelson: Sasha started attending Bright Water as a kindergartner and graduated in 2016. She is currently a student at Lakeside School.

Betsy Siegal: Betsy attended Bright Water for ten years, graduating from Ms. Kerr’s class in 2016. She is now at Lakeside School.

August Hartung: August attended BWWS and graduated in 2017 and enrolled this year in Seattle Waldorf High School, where he is currently a freshman.  He has various interests outside of school, including Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, violin, and composing/producing electronic music.

Jonah Hillman: Jonah attended BWWS for eight years, and graduated in 2017 from Mrs. D’Souza’s class.  He is currently a freshman at Garfield High School. He is particularly interested in history and literature and is involved in orchestra and the debate team.

Sophia Johnson: Sophia graduated in 2017 and currently attends Garfield High School.

Audrey Shuman: Audrey graduated BWWS in 2017 and is currently a freshman at Center School.