A Message from Chaya Keefe, Our New Head of School

Screenshot 2019-09-30 22.11.53.png

Dear Bright Water Community,

My first month at the school has been marked by joy and a very steep learning curve!

As I write, I am reminded of a conversation with Michael Soule and Holly Koteen, two of the founding members of Bright Water.  I asked them about the origins of the school and what the school was like 21 years ago.  Holly said that one of the phrases they used frequently at the beginning was “spirit of abundance, abundance of spirit”.  I am happy to report that these words still hold true and reflect my experience here so far. I have been touched by the kindness and generosity of spirit of the people I have met.

Thank you!

For those of you I have not yet met, please come by when you are on campus.

I am looking forward to seeing the school through your eyes and discovering how we can work together to shape the next chapter in Bright Water’s story.

With gratitude,