Dr. Jayasri Ghosh, Head of School

Dr. Ghosh has school in her bones. A family situation made it necessary that Jayasri, along with her siblings, start school early; she did so beginning at age three. Raised in Catholic boarding schools, she tells us that school was always a safe, nurturing, and engaging place to be. Most importantly all the schools she attended emphasized the development of a moral compass, creativity, generosity, and compassion. Striking a balance between teaching and leading in a wide range of educational institutions and creating strong bonds with family and friends is what Jayasri finds fulfilling. She has three children and five grandsons.

Being raised with a father who wrote letters every week and invited her to think of herself as a “world citizen,” Jayasri uses her interests in music, reading, travel, walking, and non-profit work to advance her community. Waldorf education reminds her of her own education, although the development of arts at Bright Water School is unmatched.

Dr. Ghosh holds a PhD from the University of Georgia in Educational Psychology and Gifted Education, and has counseling and coaching certificates. She loves working with teachers and especially appreciates the collaboration and respect BWS teachers have for each other. Over the last 20+ years she has also served as Head of School at Seattle Country Day and Annie Wright School.