Faculty & Administration

Bright Water Waldorf School Faculty & Administration

Bright Water Waldorf School has an experienced and committed faculty from a variety of backgrounds. All class teachers are Waldorf-trained – and all faculty are dedicated to their development as educators. The faculty and administration of Bright Water Waldorf School endeavor to work together in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration, both with each other and with the parents of their students. These committed partnerships help meet each child’s educational, developmental, and social needs.

Early Childhood Faculty

Zoe Ryan: Lily Pond  Lead Teacher
Tyler Wilch: Lily Pond Assistant Teacher 
Robin Laskowski: Honeybees  Lead Teacher
Amanda Jones: Honeybees Assistant Teacher
Milana Norbut : Sandpiper Lead Teacher
Sophie Scheller: Sandpiper Assistant Teacher
Joanne Jewell: Parent/Child

Grade School Faculty Subject Teachers

Hiromi Yonemoto: Japanese
Emiko Lin – part-time Japanese teacher
Maria Cardenas : Spanish
David Axelrod: Math
Mary Welch: Educational Support Coordinator/ Lower Grades Assistant
Trish Bondurant: Woodwork/Handwork 
Hunter Toran: Movement teacher –for grades 4-8
Sara Liane Foster: Movement teacher –for grades 2-4
Anke Greer: Handwork
Melissa McCall: Eurythmist
Jason Canard: Eurythmist
Joe Kaplan: Eurythmy Accompanist
Susan Koelle: Strings
Bob Gale: Band


Chaya Keefe: Head of School
Nazneen Kateli-D’Souza: Admissions Assistant
Katie Söderlind: Manager of Student Services
Dina Trapalis: Administrative Assistant
Julie Jetland – Director of Finance & Operations
Juan Ganz: Bookkeeper
Cindy Jordan: Pedagogical Administrator

Extended Day

Diana Murphy

Joe Jennings
Maleigha Rogge
Jacob Slingland