Mia Fioravanti, Grade Seven Teacher

Mia Fioravanti was born to a family who had owned a woolen mill in Illinois for 100 years. When she was 13, her father sold the family business and they moved to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, where she was surrounded by horses, skiing, and a view of the Continental Divide. She graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art with a degree in Advertising Design. After several years working in that industry, Ms. Fioravanti returned to her love of textiles and apprenticed for a year with a seamstress from Russia and then went on to run her own design business. Ms. Fioravanti has also run a Waldorf inspired preschool in her home, and taught art at Seattle Waldorf High School in Seattle. Both of her children attended Waldorf schools; one is a graduate of Seattle Waldorf School, and one a graduate of Bright Water School. Ms. Fioravanti is a graduate of Sound Circle Teacher Training.