Jennifer Beal Quinn, Grade One Teacher

Jennifer Beal Quinn holds a Master’s Degree in Education with a Waldorf Certificate and Public School Teaching Credential from Antioch New England Graduate School. Jennifer moved to Seattle in 1999 to take the first grade class at Seattle Waldorf School. She taught the parallel class to BWWS’s first graduating class. Mrs. Quinn has seen BWWS grow from a single first grade class – taught in a small basement in a home up the hill from Seattle Waldorf School – to the mature school it is today.

Jennifer has been involved in Waldorf education for over twenty years. She has experience in Early Childhood and Grades teaching, including extensive experience tutoring and instructing students with learning challenges. She took up her current class in fourth grade. Prior to that she taught in the grade school at Seattle Waldorf School, substituted at BWWS often, and tutored privately. Jennifer also taught the seventh grade class at BWWS in 2006-2007, the year their teacher, Carole Street, died.

Jennifer  is a native New Englander. She comes to the Northwest by way of Colorado. In Seattle she’s able to be near both the mountains and the ocean, enjoying the vast diversity of the Northwest.