Welcome from the Head of School

“Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives. The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility—these three forces are the very nerve of education.”

~ Rudolf Steiner (Founder of Waldorf education)


Welcome to Bright Water Waldorf School.

I think you’ll find it a special place where all of us – teachers, students, parents, and staff – are committed to Waldorf education.

I have spent my life in education, and for almost twenty-five years I have been honored to serve as Head of School at a variety of wonderful institutions. Since taking up this position at  BWWS in 2014, I’ve been consistently impressed by the remarkable nature of Waldorf education, which springs from its emphasis on the whole human being: mind, heart, hands and spirit. Children at BWWS are respected, held, challenged and encouraged in ways that support their growth in the present and develop them for the future. They are grounded in themselves and the world. They embrace challenges like strong trees welcoming a bracing wind.

Our teachers strive to bring these profoundly human elements out in our students and in themselves, teaching with commitment and collaboration, bringing our curriculum to life with rigor, compassion and a sense of wonder. Our diverse community supports this process through regular check-ins at group parent/teacher meetings and festivals and events throughout the year that enrich and enliven our school.

In my interactions with BWWS alumni I am often told that they carry a love of learning with them throughout life. As a lifelong learner myself, I know that participating in life with an inquiring mind doesn’t just help the individual; a community of engaged, and compassionate individuals can change the world.

Knowledge and wisdom are the path to freedom. As Rudolf Steiner said many years ago, the “golden rules” of Waldorf education are a reverence  and gratitude for the child, as well as respect for the child’s freedom.  “It is this freedom,” Steiner said, “to which we must direct our teaching efforts, so that the child may one day stand at our side in freedom in the world.”

These are the principles we embrace at BWWS. By the time our students finish middle school they’ve completed a rigorous and soul-enriching journey that serves as a solid foundation from which to embrace the rest of their lives. BWWS graduates possess confidence, integrity, maturity and a deep sense of humanity—and they are also academically strong. Graduates enter high school at a variety of outstanding public and private institutions, including Holy Names Academy, Lakeside, and University Prep.

I encourage you to explore our website in the hopes that it will inform and inspire you. Please feel free to reach out to our Admissions Department to learn more about participating in the Bright Water Waldorf School community.


Jayasri Ghosh, PhD
Head of School


The important thing for you is not to transmit information as such but to utilize knowledge to develop human capacities . . . Our task is to find teaching methods that continually engage the whole human being . . . The fundamental flaw so far has been the way people inhabit the world with only the head, and the rest of their being merely tails along behind.”

 ~ Rudolf Steiner, Practical advice to teachers, Lecture 1