Movement & Athletics

Physical movement is an essential element of Waldorf education, whether it’s marching to count out numbers, practicing the art of eurythmy, or engaging in games and other athletic activities. From the earliest grades on, outdoor activity and games play an important daily role in children’s lives. Movement activities can also be connected to main lesson material; for example, in the fifth grade, when students study Greek and Roman history, they also participate in an Olympiad. These early activities help build a solid foundation in balance, dexterity, coordination, strength, and body awareness that continues to serve the child in the upper grades.

As children enter middle school, active movement continues to be a vital part of the curriculum. Sixth graders engage in the Medieval Games, replete with tug-of-war, archery and more. Seventh and Eighth graders compete in an area track meet.

In the middle grades, student options also expand to include competitive sports. Bright Water Waldorf School’s athletic department offerings include Ultimate Frisbee in the fall and spring, Cross CountryBasketball, and Volleyball. BWWS competes through the CYO league for Cross Country, Volleyball, and Basketball. Ultimate Frisbee is organized through Disc NW.

BWWS athletes consistently maintain Waldorf principles on the field: physical, social, and emotional development are still the most important objectives. There are no cuts. Our student athletes develop their individual skills while simultaneously cultivating an awareness and respect for the “spirit of the game.” Sportsmanship, teamwork, and fairness are important values we instill through our athletics program.

Coach Bryan McGriff has been with Bright Water Waldorf School for over a decade. He has been instrumental in creating a movement and athletics program that meets students where they are, one which helps them develop their physical potential while nurturing a love of movement.