Disease Prevention and Immunization Policy

Bright Water Waldorf School strongly supports vaccinations as an essential tool for preventing infectious diseases and strives to ensure the safety and health of all the children in our school. The school requires parents to follow all state laws regarding immunization and provide valid immunization records upon enrolment from preschool through 8th grade. Consistent with state immunization laws, the school is fully prepared to follow County or State requests to keep children home who are not completely immunized against a disease or who cannot show proof of immunization in the event of possible exposure. As per the new Washington state law, families attending Bright Water Waldorf School can no longer claim an exemption for the MMR immunization based on personal or philosophical reasons. In order to comply with this new law, beginning fall of 2019, all students, teachers and staff will be required to provide the school with one of the following:

  • A vaccination form indicating up-to-date MMR immunization status

  • Proof of a medical or religious exemption

  • Blood test results certifying past immunization or immunity

Vaccination throughout childhood is essential because it helps the immune system to develop protections before children are exposed to diseases.  Maintaining a high vaccination rate helps protect the more vulnerable in our community such as parents and children with weak or failing immune systems and infants who are not yet fully vaccinated.

For more information on the rules and regulations on current immunizations in Washington state, visit the Washington Department of Health.