The Bright Water Alumni Panel, 2017

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BWWS Alumni Panel Recap

The Alumni Panel evening was a terrific success! Many, many thanks to all our participants: Skyler Burke, Owen Crandall, John Curry, Lyra D’Souza Jonah Hillman, Louise Greer, August Hartung, Jazmine Hope, Sophia Johnson, Alli Nelson, Audrey Shuman, Betsy Siegal, Lyra Steiner, Charlotte Thone, and Miranda Wu-Georges. Thank you, too, for facilitators and BWWS parents Sam Blackman and Joel DeJong.

In Sam’s words of gratitude to the panelists after the event: “The panel was a terrific representation of BWWS students at various points in their lives . . . Your answers were smart and funny and warm and honest, which didn’t surprise me at all. You demonstrated to me, and to the parents and students who were present, the depth and durability of the value instilled via a Waldorf education. You represent not just the hard work you’ve performed over the course of your education, but the work product of the school and the entire community here at BWWS. I left feeling proud and so very glad that my wife and I chose BWWS for our daughter, and confident that what I intuit and feel every day is in fact true: a BWWS education is very, very special.”

UPDATE: We now have audio of the event! Click here to download.

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