Bright Water Alumni Panel

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Where do our students go after graduation from eighth grade? Are they ready for the new challenges—academic and otherwise—that come their way? What effect has their Waldorf experience had on their lives?

These are the kinds of questions many parents start wondering about long before that joyful (and bittersweet) graduation day arrives. For many years now, BWWS has convened an annual Alumni Panel where we invite former students back to share their experiences in high school and beyond. This year’s event will be held on Wednesday, November 29, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

The panel will be composed of both recent and older graduates of BWWS, all of whom will share their experiences in local public and private high schools, and beyond. This year’s panel is still being composed, but in the past we’ve had students from Franklin, Roosevelt, Garfield, Lakeside, Holy Names Academy, Seattle Waldorf High School, the University of Washington and other area schools.

The event is open to families wherever their student happens to be on his or her journey through Bright Water—even if they’ve just started Kindergarten! This is an opportunity to learn more about the impact of Waldorf education on students’ lives once they depart our school for new adventures. So whether you’re well on your way or just beginning to explore your opportunities as students and parents, this special evening offers insight into the potential challenges and rewards awaiting BWWS’ future graduating classes.

Come with questions!

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