Cesar Chavez Assembly

Posted by: Chris Nelson   -   Posted in: News- Apr 08, 2018 Comments Off on Cesar Chavez Assembly

On Friday, March 30, the middle school celebrated the life of Cesar Chavez through music, poetry, song and story. Cesar Chavez was born in Arizona on March 31, 1927, and he dedicated his life to improving the inhumane treatment and living conditions of farm workers. He was active in civil rights and labor movements, adopting an approach of non-violence similar in many ways to Gandhi’s, and co-founding United Farm Workers. His extraordinary life and work serve as a model of generosity, fairness and strength of will in the face of challenges. At the assembly, Strings teacher Susan Koelle led the orchestra through a rendition of “La Cucaracha” and shared her own experience marching for worker’s rights. Sixth Grade teacher Skye Chamberlin talked about Dolores Huerta, co-founder of United Farm Workers with Chavez. Each of the grades made contributions ranging from biographical pieces to poems and songs. BWWS Spanish teacher Luis Allende organized the event. Special thanks to BWWS parent Trina Saldana for helping start the tradition, which we hope will have a long legacy at BWWS.

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