Second Grade Fables: The Fox and the Crow

Posted by: Chris Nelson   -   Posted in: Early Grades, News, Student Work/Class Projects- Mar 01, 2017 Comments Off on Second Grade Fables: The Fox and the Crow

A fox spied a crow sitting on a branch of a tall tree with a golden piece of cheese in her beak. The fox, who was both clever and hungry, quickly thought of a plan to get the cheese away from the crow… First he called up to her words of praised for her beauty. Then he wondered aloud if her voice was as beautiful as she was. Succumbing to the flattery, the crow opened her mouth to sing. The cheese fell out and the fox promptly gobbled it up!

Please enjoy some of the lovely artwork the second grade created of the crow, just before the fateful moment when she lost her prize . . . 

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