Parent Association

Parent Association Coordinating Team

Chair:  Jen Diamond
Hospitality Coordinator:
Ambassador & Mentor Coordinator:
Parent Enrichment Coordinator:

2016-17 Meeting Dates (All meetings 8:30 – 9:30 a.m.)


Next Meeting: November 9, 2016


Statement of Purpose

Our purpose is to incorporate parents into Bright Water Waldorf School’s committed, thriving community, and to help them build and maintain the success of the school. The Parent Association helps facilitate socially inclusive relationships through shared conversations, events, and community-building. Moreover, the PA is dedicated to making these experiences positive for all staff, parents, and students. We believe strongly in the unifying power of dialogue and community.

PA responsibilities include collaboration with the administration and faculty to support the BWWS community in the following areas:

  • Welcoming new families to BWWS
  • Listening to and reflecting upon parent concerns and questions
  • Developing and organizing social/community-building opportunities
  • Developing tools to promote parent education

We are here to connect parents with one another, and to share in discussion, development, and social bonding. All parents with children enrolled in BWWS are members of the PA. The PA leadership consists of the Parent Association Coordinating Team (PACT). The PACT is comprised of 3-5 parent volunteers who provide leadership to the PA.

Upcoming Events

Get Involved

We welcome your participation in the PA! There are many ways to do so: come to one of our meetings, volunteer at an event, talk to your classroom PA rep, or check the website for updates.

Questions? Contact Jen Diamond via email at

Articles & Resources

Online Community Bulletin Board

The Babbling Brook is an electronic bulletin board for the families and former families of Bright Water Waldorf School, although it is not affiliated with the school. This site is a place for parents to share community information with one another.