Grade Eight

Eighth grade marks the culmination of many years of working together for Bright Water Waldorf School students, both as a group and with their class teacher. At the same time, they are preparing to leave each other and their school. Throughout this year the social life within the class is conscious and deeply valued.

The curriculum has brought them from the fairy tales of childhood to the revolutions of emerging nations. Students study the French, American, and Industrial revolutions.  They examine the history and principles of the United States with all the critical acumen they have gained by their history studies through the years.

Eighth grade blocks include organic chemistry, physics, geography, human anatomy, the short story, and drama. Math blocks will focus on Euclidean geometry and algebra.

In woodwork, students build boxes with dove-tail joints and in handwork the students master the sewing machine.

Bright Water Waldorf School eighth graders graduate with a deep sense of who they are, a solid foundation of academic skills, and a world of relationships that will follow them through life.

Subject Classes

  • Spanish or Japanese
  • Band or Strings ensemble
  • Movement
  • Eurythmy
  • Woodwork
  • Handwork
  • After-school athletics