Grade Four

The Norse sagas, full of strong-willed characters adventurously exploring the world around them, are an appropriate historical backdrop for fourth graders and their unbridled curiosity.

In math, after reviewing the four processes, place value, long division and multiplication, and the times tables, students concentrate on fractions. In geography, students focus on the history and geography of Seattle and Washington State. This unit involves both map study and cultural study, and includes several field trips, a canoe project, and the annual Whidbey Island Potlatch with other area schools.

Trips to the Woodland Park Zoo and Seattle Aquarium enrich their study of zoology. Students – who by now are comfortable with clay and beeswax – model the animals they study.

In language arts, grammar is the focus: who can resist learning about past, present, and future tense when it is taught with the examples of the Three Norns of Norse mythology?

Students begin written work in Japanese and Spanish. In music, students begin strings and can choose violin or cello.

Subject Classes

  • Japanese and Spanish
  • Handwork
  • Movement
  • Music – Strings
  • Eurythmy