Grade One

In first grade the foundations for literacy and numeracy are laid through the beautiful images and musical sounds of stories. Fairy tales, nature stories, and folk tales from around the world are the basis for the introduction of the four arithmetic processes and the sounds and shapes of letters.

Students use objects, chalkboards, and mental math practice to solve story problems. First graders learn word sounds and shapes through games and stories. Out of their understanding of word sounds, students begin the process of writing their own stories.

First graders learn best through repetition and imitation, and their imaginations are allowed to flourish by listening to and creating stories about words and numbers.  Knitting, which reinforces left and right brain connection and math skills, is introduced, as well as movement, which consists of cooperative games (twice weekly) and Eurythmy (twice weekly).

Japanese and Spanish are taught by ear at this level.  Students also sing and play the flute with their class teacher.

Students have much to accomplish in first grade: they begin a structured academic curriculum; develop the art of good manners and self-discipline; and continue their cultivation of imagination, curiosity, and creativity in the process of learning.

Subject Classes

  • Spanish and Japanese
  • Handwork
  • Movement
  • Eurythmy