Grade Three

Third graders investigate what it means to have a respectful relationship with the earth. The primary texts that form the context for learning are the Native American legends and Old Testament stories.  Students study gardening and farming: they begin to garden in the school plot, learn to identify grains, and examine how cultures were affected by their dependence on certain grains.

In geography, students study housing and buildings from around the world and build their own model houses. Third graders work with all types of measurements and study the contributions of ancient civilizations to the science of measurement.

In math, children expand their understanding of place value, carrying and borrowing, and begin long division. Reading permeates every subject.  All students are screened by the school’s reading teacher at the beginning of the school year to assess progress; small group reading classes are formed for students needing additional skill development. Using the Old Testament stories and Native American legends as models, students study the basic parts of speech and learn how to craft a good sentence.

Cooperative games, jump-roping, and Eurythmy link physical coordination and spatial awareness to intellectual concepts. In handwork, students learn to crochet and study fiber arts.

Weekly gardening, cooking, baking, and building activities offer hands-on learning and a growing sense of self-reliance.

The third grade ends with two adventures that bring the year’s learning into focus: an overnight stay at a farm and a small building project on campus.

Subject Classes

  • Spanish and Japanese
  • Handwork
  • Movement
  • Eurythmy
  • Lyre