Welcome to Bright Water Waldorf School

Bright Water Waldorf School offers a developmentally appropriate, multidisciplinary, experiential, and academically rigorous approach to education. Bright Water Waldorf School is dedicated to continually deepening our understanding of each child’s gifts and needs within the evolving tradition of Waldorf education.

We prepare our students academically and practically, endowed with an enlivened capacity for original thinking, self-awareness and compassion for others, and the will and skills to work in the world. Children are met where they are, and so grow to be infused with understanding, resilience, a strong sense of their own capabilities, and a love of learning that will last a lifetime. They receive an academically rigorous education in English, History, the Sciences and Mathematics infused with music, movement and the arts.


Our School is located in the beautiful and historic St. Nicholas Building in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, WA. The gardens in the courtyard and the playgrounds surrounding the school have been extensively renovated. Nearby Volunteer Park provides acres of playing fields and outdoor enrichment.

As a Seattle-based Waldorf school, we are part of an active and growing Waldorf network in the Pacific Northwest. Students come from the entire metropolitan region. Our graduating eighth graders go on to a wide range of high schools, both private and public.

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Bright Water Waldorf School is a Member of the Association for Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) and the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN). Our Early Childhood program is Licensed by the Washington State Department of Child, Youth and Families”

What can you expect?

  • Students at Bright Water Waldorf School experience a deeply caring community of teachers and peers.

  • Bright Water Waldorf School’s balanced program of practical skills, movement, music, art, world languages, and academics addresses the whole child.

  • Faculty members work closely with students, helping them to learn academic discipline and responsibility, and teaching them how to work independently.

  • Most of all, the close relationships at our school help students develop a strong sense of themselves and a compassionate awareness of others.

Our Beginnings…


Bright Water Waldorf School began as an effort to meet the expanding demand for Waldorf education in Seattle.

The founding group had a clear vision of a school in a more urban environment that valued diversity, and focused on an education that would build the students’ capacities to thrive as adults.


In September 1998, Bright Water Waldorf School opened its doors with one kindergarten class of fourteen children taught by Holly Koteen-Soulé in her home in North Seattle. The following year BWS’s first Grade One class was added in the house next door and taught by Michael Soulé. Bright Water School then moved to the basement of Unity Church in South Lake Union where Michael and Holly were joined by Carole Street, who taught the Grade One class of 2000.

Over the next four years Bright Water added a preschool and expanded all the way up to Grade Four. Thanks to the hard work of many parents and faculty, the school was able to move to its current location in the St. Nicholas building in the fall of 2003, and graduated its first eighth grade class in 2006.