Faculty and Administration

Bright Water Waldorf School has an experienced and committed faculty from a variety of backgrounds. All class teachers are Waldorf-trained and all faculty are dedicated to their development as educators. 

The faculty works with the conviction that childhood is sacred; that children learn naturally when the curriculum meets their developmental needs and that children's imaginations need to be nurtured and protected.  Emphasis is placed on the importance of a child’s ability to find joy in learning and to experience wonder and awe in the world around them.  Teachers are committed to developing students' intellectual flexibility, independent judgment, and moral courage by engaging students through active, curious participation in their learning.

The faculty and administration of Bright Water Waldorf School endeavor to work together in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration, both with each other and with the parents of their students. These committed partnerships help meet each child’s educational, developmental, and social needs.


Early Childhood Zoe Ryan: Lily Pond Teacher

Tyler Wilch: Early Childhood Assistant, Lily Pond

Milana Norbut : Sandpiper Teacher

Sophie Scheller: Early Childhood Assistant, Sandpiper

Robin Laskowski: Honeybees
Teacher Robin Warmby Laskowski, MEd is the lead teacher in Honeybees Kindergarten at Bright Water Waldorf School (BWWS). Prior to her time at BWWS she worked as an early childhood special education teacher at Boyer Children's Clinic, following which she founded Robin’s Nest NW, a non-profit therapeutic center for children with special needs and their families once having her own children she co-created and taught the inclusive preschool program at Seattle Children’s Playgarden.

Robin completed the Nurturing the Roots, a three year advanced therapeutic course for Early Childhood Educators in July 2019. She completed her Waldorf early childhood training at West Coast Institute in June 2017. She received her Master’s Degree in Special Education as well as a Graduate Certificate in Infant Mental Health from the University of Washington in 2005. In 1994 she received a BA in Anthropology with a minor in Education from Whitman College. She’s held a Washington State Teacher’s Certificate since 1995. Robin loves spending time outdoors and tending her small urban farm with her husband Paul and 6th grade twins Oliver and Zala.

Amanda Jones – Early Childhood Assistant, Honeybees Amanda completed her Waldorf teacher training from Antioch in July 2019. Previously she completed a Bachelor's in Music Education from the University of Idaho and worked as a music teacher for a private music academy. She's originally from Utah, but wherever she is, she loves exploring, hiking, and adventuring whenever she can.
Joanne Jewell: Parent and Child Teacher

Grade School
Skye Chamberlain: Grade Eight
Beth Simpson: Grade Seven
Adél Krupp: Grade Six
Lorie Miller: Grade Five
Haley Kruell: Grade Four
Haley grew up in Portland, Oregon where she attended the Portland Waldorf School from early childhood through 8th grade. After attending Seattle University she became connected with BWWS through two practicums completed during her studies. She then went on to earn her Masters in Teaching from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Shortly after, she returned to take up her class, the class of 2024. Outside of school she enjoys running (she is currently training for a walk marathon), cooking, and have recently begun Irish dancing, again. “Having grown up in a Waldorf school environment, teaching at BWWS feels natural and right.”

Jennifer Beal Quinn: Grade Three Narsingh Khalsa: Grade Two

Haley Kim: Grade One Haley is a Washington native but was raised in two cultures as her family traveled between Washington and South Korea. Haley graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a Bachelor’s degree in music education, and throughout several years of her teaching career, she came to Waldorf education and found it very attractive. After working as a second language teacher at a Waldorf school in Korea, she acquired Waldorf certification from Antioch University New England in 2019. When Haley is not at school, she loves to travel and explore, be with the nature, or bake.

Subject Teachers
Hiromi Yonemoto: Japanese (grade 1-6)
Emiko Lin: Japanese  (grade 7-8)

Maria Cardenas : Spanish Maria was born in Cartagena, Colombia. I came to the US as an exchange teacher in 2006 from a Waldorf School in Colombia to help a group of parents open a charter Waldorf School in Tucson, AZ. I am a Special Ed. teacher. I have worked as a class teacher, Spanish teacher, faculty chair, board member and a member of the colleague of teachers in a few Waldorf Schools. I have worked at Isolda Echavarria Waldorf School ( Colombia ), Desert Sky Community School ( Tucson ), Princeton Waldorf School ( NJ ) and Desert Marigold School ( Phoenix ). I have been a teacher for over 30 years.

David Axelrod: Middle School Math Born in Boston, Massachusetts David has been teaching math to the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades at Bright Water since 2017. Before Bright Water David worked for over a decade in other Waldorf and independent schools and high schools in math as well as other teaching capacities. He sees education as a matter of children becoming not just smart but, ultimately, themselves; the capable individual that, deep down, they all are.

Trish Bondurant: Handwork (grades 1-3) and Woodwork

Anke Greer: Handwork (grades 4-8)
Hunter Toran: Movement teacher (grades 5-8)
Hunter is originally from Rhode Island and spent the majority of his adult life in New England. With 11 years of training with The Spacial Dynamics Institute he is certified as a Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMT). He is passionate about human movement because the quality and types of movement we express relate directly to our perceptions of the world and self. Movement is the common link between all living creatures and can serve as a powerful tool in our personal and communal development. Watching the children progress through challenges and seeing their bodily habitation deepen and change through our activities is profoundly rewarding. In his leisure time he enjoys hiking, playing guitar, singing and spending time with family.

Sara Liane Foster: Movement and Circus Arts teacher (grades 2-4)
Sarah Liane Foster has been teaching circus, movement, and theatre to folks of all ages since 2004. From 2010 to 2014, she taught Movement Analysis at Helikos, a professional physical theatre training program in Florence, Italy. Based in Portland, Oregon for many years, Sarah had the opportunity to teach Circus Arts classes and camps at Portland Waldorf School and Cedarwood Waldorf School. Now in Seattle, she divides her time between teaching Movement and Circus Arts at Bright Water, performing at Seattle Children’s Hospital with Room Circus Medical Clowning, and parenting an amazing toddler. She is on the Board of Directors of Clowns Without Borders-USA, and has been on many CWB-USA projects performing and teaching to relieve stress through laughter and play in crisis zones.

Jason Canard: Eurythmy
Melissa McCall: Eurythmy
Joe Kaplan: Eurythmy Accompanist
Susan Koelle: Strings
Bob Gale: Band
Mary Welch: Educational Support Teacher

Extended Stay
Jacob Slingland:  Grades Extended Day Teacher Joe Jennings:  EC Extended Day Teacher Diana Murphy: EC Extended Day Teacher Maleigha Rogge: EC Extended Day Teacher


Chaya Keefe: Head of School 
Cindy Jordan: Pedagogical Administrator
Cindy was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba.   She completed a diploma in Hospitality Administration, a B.A. in Geography and History, a B.Ed. in Social Studies and Art, and holds a Washington State Teaching Certificate, as well as a Waldorf Teaching Certificate from the West Coast Institute. She is currently in the Art of Administration training program hosted by Sound Circle Center.  Her sense of adventure and love of maps has led her to 73 countries, including Japan, Madagascar and Borneo. With a passion for learning and educating, she has worked for a number of non-profits providing social services and educational outreach programs.

Cindy joined Bright Water Waldorf School in 2008.  Her experience as a class teacher (graduating the class of 2018) together with her passion for servant leadership, provides the foundation for her work in supporting the growth of the school, the faculty and the children. Her son is a graduate of BWWS.  She loves spending time in the garden and going on adventures with her family.
Nazneen Kateli-D’Souza: Admissions Katie Söderlind: Manager of Student Services
Dina Trapalis: Office Manager
Juan Ganz: Bookkeeper