Expanded Horizons

In Middle school, the foundational work of the grades blossoms into beautiful art, rigorous academics and character-building trips and projects. Lab sciences and physics begin. Foreign language skills increase and After-school sports open up. Every student plays an instrument and engages in theatre. Handwork projects grow in complexity and school life becomes bigger and bolder.

The inter-disciplinary curriculum continues to unfold as grammar is taught in the context of platonic dialogues and pre-algebra is introduced while investigating the history of Islam. In the middle ages block, students drive for “knighthood” by practicing good deeds. By eighth grade, Brightwater‘s children have grown from fairy tales of childhood to the revolutions of nations. They can chart the heavenly bodies using geometry; they can build a dovetail joint box and write along research paper. Our graduates leave with a deep sense of who they are, solid academic skills, and a web of sustaining relationships. There will prepare to attend the high schools of their choice.

Middle school is a time to discover, learn, and grow. Bright Water Waldorf School fosters adolescence by meeting the individual academically and artistically while developing their social emotional competencies to build strong, well-rounded students. Each student is given the chance to nurture their curiosity and creativity through hands-on exploration. Sports and extracurricular activities offer additional opportunities for leadership development, group collaboration, and peer-to-peer friendship. Service learning projects make direct engagement possible with our surrounding urban community.

For a more in depth look at the curriculum: Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8

“The end of a Waldorf middle school journey will include a foundation built of care and compassion, creativity and confidence, and this serves as a fortification for the years ahead. Students need this uniquely sturdy foundation more than ever, as they will be called upon in ways that we cannot even imagine today.” - excerpt of a great article from the Waldorf School of Moraine Farm. Read the full article here; we couldn’t agree more.